Charlie Haslam

Recent graduate in Computer Science (MEng) student at the University of Bristol. Currently working at Climax Studios as Graduate Games Programmer. With a wide range of programming skills and particular interests in Gaphics, Game Development and 3D Printing. Bilingual in English and French (French mother).



Charlie Haslam

Age: 23
Mobile: +44 7503 220 632

Professional Experience

Graduate Games Programmer


Climax Studios, Portsmouth, UK

  • Working on an unannounced AAA project
  • A variety of gameplay features and level scripting
  • Using C++ and Lua

Software Development Internship (Summer Placement)


Epimorphics, Bristol, UK

  • Worked on a Python-based data conversion tool
  • Used to clean-up and convert data from CSV files to RDF triples
  • Helped to make collecting data from clients and starting new contracts much easier

Software Development Internship (Summer Placement)


Epimorphics, Bristol, UK

  • Worked on an internal project management dashboard
  • A backend written in Python (Flask) and frontend using VueJS
  • Collected data from various services such as Github and Asana to display progress on projects
  • Saved management the time spent collecting resources themselves and was useful for stand-up meetings

Teaching Assistant (Part-Time)


University of Bristol, UK

  • Assisted in weekly undergraduate labs
  • Helped first year students with an Imperative (C) programming unit
  • Answered questions from students and helped debug code



Fluent - first language


Fluent - mother is French


Basic - GCSE and option unit at university


MEng Computer Science

2017 - 2021

University of Bristol, UK

Notable project and units:
  • Graphics - Achieved a grade of 85 for a ray-traced renderer written in C++
  • Games Project - Completed a large group project and awarded a first-class grade (Unity3D with C#)
  • High Performance Computing - Took both an Introductory and Advanced unit, learning to use a super-computer for simulations (written in C using OpenMP, MPI and OpenCl)
  • Image Processing & Computer Vision - Produced coursework using Hough transforms and Viola-Jones to detect dartboards in images (C++)
  • Software Product Engineering - Worked with a client to make a complete webapp used to design muscle-like 3D printed parts for robotics and hydraulics, written in Java, HTML & Javascript
  • Applied Deep Learning - Studied a masters level Deep Learning unit, using PyTorch to train neural networks using a super-computer

Some of these projects can be found in my portfolio below. GitHub repos may also be available upon request.


2015 - 2017

Queen Mary's College - Basingstoke, Hampshire, UK

A*ABB in Maths, Computer Science, Physics and Further Maths


2010 - 2015

Hurst Community College - Basingstoke, Hampshire, UK

12 GCSEs A*-C
FSMQ in Further Maths

Other Experience

Ultimate Frisbee


University of Bristol, UK

  • Joined the Ultimate Frisbee team at university
  • Became treasurer and second team captain in 2nd year
  • Stayed treasurer for 3rd year
  • Went on to be society president in final year

Scout Leader

  • Started as a young leader at a local cubs group
  • Became a qualified leader in 2017 and assisted creating/running a new scout group
  • Still occasionally help out during holidays and large events

Personal Games Projects

  • Completed a range of games projects in spare time
  • Mainly using tools such as Unity3D, Blender and Photoshop
  • Worked on multiplayer, mobile and desktop projects, 2 of which can be found on the Google Play store


Some showcases of past projects. Some were completed as part of my University course, a few of these may have private GitHub repos and are available upon request.